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Lortz Surveying is located in Lebanon, Missouri. We have been in business for over 10 years. Since we first began, our company has grown and we quickly became known for the high-quality, trained and licensed professionals to call when you are looking for a land surveyor.

Survey theodolite

Established in 2012, owner Jason Lortz is a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in Missouri and Kansas and has previously worked for the Missouri State Land Surveyors Office. We recently relocated to the Lebanon, Missouri and service the entire states of Missouri and Kansas.

Land surveys are extremely important. Whether for private or commercial land, property surveys are done for a number of reasons. Most people are familiar with hiring a surveying company, such as Lortz Surveying, to locate and mark boundaries of a piece of land. However, quite often land surveying is done to map the topography of a piece of land, find where utilities are located, to settle an easement/land dispute and to find where is best to build new construction on property due to environmental features of that specific property.

The above is just a very small list of when you may need a professional land surveyor. It is also extremely important to consider land surveying when buying a piece of property. Many issues can be uncovered with a land survey. This could possibly be one of the smartest investments you make when considering purchasing land. Wouldn’t you hate to purchase a piece of land only to find that you can’t use it? Many mortgage companies require a land survey for that very reason.

We have been proudly serving customers for many years in Laclede, Pulaski, Phelps, Webster, Wright and Dallas counties in Missouri. Please consider Lortz Surveying for your professional land surveying needs. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and consider it an honor to serve you. Contact Us Today!

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